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How to Buy A Weather Vane by WeatherVanes.com

This article is written using as few words as possible, to help the new weathervane buyer learn how to buy the correct weathervane for their property or building. Common questions that must be addressed:

  1. What size weather vane do I need?
  2. What type of mount do I need for my weather vane?
  3. How is the total size of a weather vane measured?
  4. What type of material should I purchase? ie copper, steel, aluminum or wood etc.
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Size is a simple preference that will be determined by you, either limited by your budget or the size of the building:


Many of the questions will be simply answered by you, according to your preference.  First, choose where you want your weathervane to be showcased on your property:

  • On Your Roof:  Most common answer and you will need to choose between the following roof mounts:

  1. For Standard size and light weight weathervanes 401AL Mount; adjusts to ANY roof pitch, yes its that easy: http://www.weathervanes.com/adjustable-aluminum-roof-mount.html   if your roof has a ridge vent you will need these adapters: http://www.weathervanes.com/ridge-vent-adapters.html
  2. For Estate and very large Weathervanes (typically over $500 or 40 pounds) simple buy the 401LG: http://www.weathervanes.com/large-steel-roof-mount.html
  3.  Eve mount attached to the flat side (exterior wall) of your home, then extends out and up: choose 5″ inches out from the wallhttp://www.weathervanes.com/weathervanes/mounting-hardware/5-steel-mount.html     Also available in stainless steel: http://www.weathervanes.com/weathervanes/mounting-hardware/5-stainless-steel-mount.html   Choose 12″ inches out from the wallhttp://www.weathervanes.com/weathervanes/mounting-hardware/12-steel-mount.html
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Remember! You Don’t have to buy the NSEW directional!  Be Aware, many stores require that you buy it! Choose “figure only” to save money when you are using a mantel base or a scenario where you simply do not desire a NSEW directional!

Weathervanes are measured by “figure size.”  Width is from left to right one tip to the other full measurement and height is from the base of the figure to the top of the figure.  This is because the figure is the only thing that stands out from a distance to represent the size.  Once the weathervane is on your roof, the figure iswhat is the size of the weathervane. Type of material is up to you.  Here are some of the common options:


 Retaining hooks are available for some large, expensive full figure weathervanes, and if the hook does not come standard ask the retailer for one to be added (typically costs about $75).  This keeps the figure from blowing off of the mounting rod!


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