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Here at Weather we have been the leader of roof top decor since 1997. We carry the broadest selection and have the highest quality products available including weathervanes, finials and cupolas. To help you find the vane that you need we have worked hard to categorize our styles in ways that are helpful. You can search by the material the weathervane was made from, the brand, the theme and even the size.  We can even get parts and hardware for your weathervane or finial.


Weathervanes can be an incredibly unique feature to add to the allure of your property. Having a custom weathervane built and designed just for you is a step above that offers an unique touch to any home or outbuilding. Custom steel wethervane’s can be affordable and range from $400 to $800 while more elaborate pure copper designs make a bolder statement and range from $2,000 to $5,000 and beyond. Contact us today to launch your unique rooftop design! 888-788-5048

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