Mounting EZ Vane Steel Weathervane

How to Mount Your New Steel Weather Vane



 Your new steel weathervane offers the durability and unque design that will last for generations.  Your first move is to select the deign of your choice, there are many! Mounting your new weathervane is simple, and mounts are free with your purchase! First select how you are going to display the vane and select the correlating mount:

Steel Weathervane Mount

  • Adjustable Roof Mount (Works on Any Roof Pitch Including Flat Roof’s!)Steel Weathervane
  • Post Mount
  • 3 Sided Gazebo Mount
  • 4 Sided Cupola Mount
  • Deck Mount
  • 60″ Inch Garden Pole (With Ground Stake)
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Looking for a way to double the fun of your new vane?  Add a rain guage!  This fully functional rain meter can be used to acuratly measure rainfall.  Awesome, right? 
Rain Guage
Once your package arrives all you have to do is unpack the box, and within just a few minutes you will have your new weathervane fully assembled utilizing the directions that are included.  Truly that simple!
Questions? 888 788 5048

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