Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weathervane made of? 
The weathervane figure and spacer balls are made from pure copper or aluminum. The directionals are made of solid brass or aluminum and the assembly rod is made of brass and stainless steel for Estate Series Weathervanes and powder coated steel for Standard & Garden Size.

How do I mount the weathervane? Although most can be traditionally mounted using the 401AL adjustable roof mount, there are many other complementary ways to display your weathervane. We carry a full line of vinyl and wood cupolas. Eave mounts, display bases, & garden poles. 

How many finishes are offered for your weathervane? Our weathervanes are offered in two finishes. Blue Verde is an artificial finish, which gives the appearance of aged copper. Polished weathervanes are raw copper & are placed on buffers to give them luster and shine. 

How long will the polished finish last? Within 1 month the copper will lose its shine and start to naturally tarnish. Stay Brite, a product that protects and maintains the polished finish of copper and brass can be applied to preserve the look of raw copper. 

Do the weathervanes require assembly? Yes our weathervanes do require some assembly. Instructions are included. All you need is a screwdriver & the parts simply slide onto the assembly rod and are secured by setscrews. We do suggest a thread-locking adhesive when assembling the rods. 

Are the directionals supposed to turn in the wind? The directionals should remain stationary at all times. The weathervane figure will move and point into the wind or from where the wind is blowing. 

What size weathervane should I purchase? We have three sizes to choose from: The Garden Weathervanes are smaller versions of our classic Standard Size line and are specifically designed for mounting on smaller structures or for use in the garden. The more traditional Standard Size Weathervanes are designed to fit most homes, garages, or gazebos. Our largest line, The Estate Series, is designed to complement larger homes, barns or commercial buildings. 

How will my weathervane be shipped? We ship via UPS. 

Can I purchase a weathervane figure without the hardware? Yes. These figures make beautiful accents to any home. Our mantle bases or decorative floor stands are a handsome way to display a weathervane. 

What if I have a problem with my order? While we thoroughly inspect each order for quality and accuracy, sometimes mistakes or shipping damage may occur. Please call our toll free number, 800-852-3002, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST and a customer service representative will assist you in resolving the issue. 

What materials are your cupolas made of? We use the highest quality copper, PVC vinyl and Cypress materials available 

How will my cupola be shipped? Wood cupolas up to and including 30″ and vinyl cupolas up to and including 26″ will ship via UPS. Larger size cupolas ship by way of motor freight. 

Which size cupola would look best on my home? A good rule of thumb for selecting the correct cupola is: 1.50″ of cupola for every foot of unbroken roofline. The key is the unbroken roofline. For example: 1.50″ of cupola x 24′ unbroken roofline = the, minimum cupola roof size of 36″. Our experience tells us this formula provides a balance between the cupola and the roof. 

Is a signature required for my cupola delivery? UPS shipments do not require a signature. Motor freight shipments are scheduled by appointment and do require a signature. Lift gate service may be necessary to remove the cupola from the truck. 

How do I install my weathervane on the cupola? All Good Directions cupolas come “weathervane ready”. Each cupola is built with an internal bracket for mounting the weathervane. No additional hardware is required. 

What is roof pitch? The roof pitch refers to the angle or the steepness of the roof. A carpenter’s square can be used to find the angle of the roof. Our cupolas are designed for a roof pitch up to 10/12. If however, your roof is steeper an extended base will be needed. 

Do the windowed cupolas contain real glass? The cupolas are built with a 3/32″ thick single strength glass. 

How do I install my cupola? Each cupola arrives in 3 pieces for easy installation. A complete installation guide is included with every cupola. 

Can my cupola be used for ventilation? Although most of our cupolas are used as a decorative accent they can also be used for ventilation. 

Can I paint my vinyl cupola? Our Vinyl cupolas do not require painting but they can easily be painted with 100% acrylic latex paint. 

What gauge copper is used on the rood of the cupola? We use 16 oz., 24 gauge copper. 

How long will the polished finish on the roof last? Within 1 month the copper will lose its shine and start to naturally tarnish. Lacquer Spray, a product that protects and maintains the polished finish of copper and brass can be applied to preserve the look of raw copper.

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